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Steve Thompson

When I go to view Total Assets the 24H gain (in USD value and the % value) are both extremely off. It says I have a net profit of $5k in the last 24 hours, but when I got to each individual portfolio - the numbers are correct and closer to $500 when added all together, which should be the number showing on total assets. This only happens when viewing on Total Assets. I have toggled my Ledger Wallet to not count the total and wonder if that has something to do with it? But even if I toggle it back the problem still exists just a larger number because it is now counting my wallet balance.

This all happens on both mobile app (Android) and Web browser.



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Alex Poulopoulos

24 p/l should not just be: number of tokens X +/-% of token price in 24 hours. It should it should be worked out on the time since the last trade as if I make a trade half way through the day the 24hr p/l will not reflect my entry but calculate off the day as a whole. This makes the 24hr p/l useless unless they are long term holding positions.



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Also having this issue on iOS despite previously contacting support and them saying the bug has been fixed. (It seemed to be fixed for a week then returned a week ago or so)