Alerts have disappeared

Dion Borg

I updated to Version 3.0.2 last night and all my alerts have disappeared. Can you please fix ASAP?


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Alerts are not working on HUAWEI without Google Services..


Rodney Warren

Is this referring to price alerts or trade confirms? For myself, during the last few weeks I have been getting trade confirms intermittently. Sometimes I'll get them for a few hours or a day, then I won't get any for a day or two, then they'll start working again. It's been on / off randomly for two weeks or more.


qwqf qwf

Alerts set up in the web do not appear listed in the app..


shantanu baviskar

Alerts are not working even on

chi huynh cuong


Mariam Hakobyan

Status changed to: In progress

Mariam Hakobyan

Hello! It is actually already fixed in the next version, which will be available for download within couple of days!

Thanks and sorry for inconvenience :(


Martin Sipos

No allerts are shown on iPhone SE old model. :( Could you, please, check it? Thanks.