BlockFi "Interest Payment" transaction type read as "Interest Paid" rather than "Interest Earn"

Dillon Pape

I imported the transactions CSV from my BlockFi account to CoinStats and noticed some of the balances inaccurate, including my USDC balance was negative. In BlockFi, my only USDC balance was the interest I earned one month since I had converted all of my USDC to GUSD before earning the USDC interest for that month. In CoinStats, my balance was shown as the exact correct amount except negative.

I ended up seeing that all of my earned interest transactions from BlockFi were shown as negative instead of positive. I inspected the CSV file and compared to CoinStats' transaction types.

In the BlockFi CSV file, these earned interest transactions are labelled as "Interest Payment" (because I was paid interest by BlockFi), so I guess CoinStats reads these as the CoinStats transaction type called "Interest Paid" (presumably intended to mean the opposite, that I paid interest to BlockFi, since the transaction is negative) rather than "Interest Earn" (as my Coinbase USDC staking interest transaction is correctly read as).

In short, BlockFi CSV transaction type "Interest Payment" should be like a positive deposit, rather than negative as CoinStats currently imports those transactions.


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Basically it should just count the interest payments as a debit with a BLANK market value cost of the coin since its free interest bonus...

Then it would be a deposit of 'X' amount of 'X' coin.... and thats it.... right?





Jeff Ho

This is also happening to me. Coinstats need to change it to interest earned and add it to current holdings instead of subtracting it.


Samvel Harutyunyan

Status changed to: In progress


Samvel Harutyunyan

Hey there,

We are aware of this issue, and its resolution is already in our to-do list, so it'll be fixed soon.




Concur. I have the exact same problem. “Interest Paid” BlockFi transactions are all being changed by CoinStats to negative events. I had to manually change every single one. Your system should read this as net gain.

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