Ledger BTC showing zero balance


Importing BTC balances to Coin Stats from Ledger Live desktop using QR code or wallet address shows zero balance. Big applies to codes generated by Ledger Nano X.


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Cedric Rouanet

same here , not fixed at all



Hi this is not fixed for me - I added a new portfolio using the xpub address from my Ledger Nano X and the balance is showing as 0 with no transactions visible, even though Ledger Live shows a non-zero balance.

Mariam Hakobyan

Status changed to: Closed

Mariam Hakobyan

Issue with BTC wallets showing zero balance is fixed!


Amin Sadeghi

btc and eth is zero

Mariam Hakobyan

Hi Amin. It's fixed already! Please give it a try and let us know in case of issues.

Mariam Hakobyan

Status changed to: In progress

Mariam Hakobyan

Hi Anup,

Thanks for raising this. Actually it is a know issue, we're having trouble with xpub addresses as Blockchain.com does.

We're investigating and hoping to get this resolved in 7-10 days.