Bankroll Network (BNKR)

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Project: Bankroll Network
Token: BNKR
Website: bankroll.network
Twitter: twitter.com/Bankroll_Status
Telegram: t.me/bankrollnetwork
Total Supply: 21M
Circulating Supply: 3.165M
Explorer: tronscan.org/#/token20/TNo59Khpq46FGf4sD7XSWYFNfYfbc8CqNK
Explorer 2: bankroll.network/bnkr.html
Logo: bankroll.network/img/logo/logo-exchange-200.png
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Project Description:

Bankroll is a social experiment on the TRON blockchain to implement a voluntary, sustainable, and permissionless universal basic income. Through a network of social games the platform provides daily dividends based on simple, permissionless, economic incentives... that are fun to play and win!!!

Token Description:

The BNKR token captures the network value of the Bankroll DeFi Gaming Network and allows everyone in the TRON community to participate passively. BNKR is scarce, can be staked, has progressive mining difficulty and limited max supply of 21M.


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dukungan bahasa indonesia di aplikasi

Mariam Hakobyan

Status changed to: Live


Scott Wilson

Bankroll is the best defi gaming dapp out there😊 No gambling, just gains. Having looked at other defi projects, they come across as scammy as banks with swaps and interest rates, contracts and complicated instruments. Bankroll is much better than these with an ultra positive community. Get involved👍


I had gotten burned by other dApps making promises they couldn't keep. Bankroll is not one of those dApps, the Developer is always around on Telegram to have conversations with the community of players and always innovating. These games a fun and provide many different playing strategies to allow you to win.


best and safest DApp


Crypto LueDawg

Bankroll is hands down the best place to park your tron and sleep well at night knowing your trx is working for you day and night. Come join the Bankroll fam and see for yourself!


Luis Lausell

King of Tron Dapps!