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Note Blockchain - www.notebc.com

New interesting and exciting project designed to bridge the gap for adoption into mainstream and social Coin transfer, print a note, send a note via any social media platform or communication medium.

Project launched at the beginning of this year and we have now listed today on Altmarkets.io with more exchanges in the pipeline

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Noteshi Nakamoto

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Mariam Hakobyan

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One project that makes transaction easy without downtimes and deserves recognition and applause for its effort to bring the best that there is to offer for the community.


John Chop

I run a pool for note and the daemon works wonderfully. I havent had a single issue With it yet and the community is madly supportive


Ramesh Vishveshwar

This is a project with a lot of soul and heart. There is a clear roadmap and a niche that crypto is yet to tap.

The hurdle that most folks have with using cryptocurrency is the complexity involved. NoteBC is easy. Folks can begin receiving Notes without a wallet. From the time you get a qr code to loading notes in your wallet, it takes under 5 minutes. This is something not many coins in this space can claim to do.


Luis Monteiro

Great idea, great community and above all great quality in their product. It's the easiest way to introduce people to cryptocurrencies in 2019. It's so cool everybody will use note $NTBC in the future.


Ethan Shen

Our goal is to unlock the potential of blockchain to benefit the mainstream user instead of giving billions to the giant corporations so they can control and abuse our rights. Starting with the MVP, we are making crypto easy to use in order to reach the non technical user and allow evangelists to give them crypto even when they don't have a wallet yet. Our next phase is to make our app fully social, and after that, we will start frictionless advertising, in which the user has total control of their data, and if they choose to share it, 100% of advertising revenue will go to the end user rather than any corporation.

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Oliver Smith

Note has done a "reverse" ICO, everything was done and the product was delivered before going on an exchange: blockchain, explorer, mobile apps, mining pools, and more.