Sovryn ($SOV). Add Sovryn DEX as an exchange to Coinstats.

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Sovryn is a dApp (launched in 2021) built on the bitcoin sidechain called rootstock (RSK) which is merge mined and secured by bitcoin miners. RSK was specially designed to be EVM-compatible which allows the ability to recreate Solidity smart contracts on Bitcoin used by ETH related projects. Sovryn provides the financial operating system that bridges blockchains, expands the level of decentralisation, and keeps Bitcoin the sovereign money that it is — even when it’s put to use in financial applications. The Development Team have already built out many incredible financial applications for Bitcoin such as Spot Trading, Margin Trading, Perpetual Futures Trading Lending, Borrowing, Bitcoin backed Stablecoins and 0% Bitcoin collateralised loans. You can read the Sovryn Black paper here if you would like to learn more about Sovryn: wiki.sovryn.app/en/technical-documents/black-paper