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Xazabs gives its users a faster means of transferring crypto with the use of x11 algorithm based on dash technology. Cryptocurrencies have played a vital role in empowering power with various opportunities particularly technologies which have been driving the world economy. Businesses are now implementing various crypto technologies to boost their diverse opportunities where opportunities are profitable in both the rural and urban communities. Xazab comes into play here to take its own opportunity in the digital space where crypto is driving the present economy directly and indirectly. Xazab uses the technology of Duff that is Dash because it follows our own ideas of what a cryptocurrency features should look like.

Coin Name: Xazab
•Ticker: XAZAB
•Algorithm: X11
•Type: Proof of work/Masternode
•Consensus Algorithm: Proof of work/Masternode
•Total Supply: 21,000,000
•Block Reward: 4 XAZAB
•Block Time: 1 minutes
•Premine: 578,000
•Coinbase Maturity: 100 confirmation
•Masternode Confirmations: 15
•MN Collateral: 1000 Xazab
•Default Port: 30303
•RPC Port: 31313

=>Website: xazab.xyz

=>Discord: discord.gg/wFDEAp7Fwm

=>Twitter: twitter.com/xazabdeveloper

=>Github: github.com/xazab/xazab

=>Wallets: github.com/xazab/xazab/releases/tag/

=>Bitcointalk Announcement: bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5283222

=>Explorer: explorer.xazab.xyz/insight

=>Explorer2: ihostmn.com/explorerinfo.php?coin=XAZAB

Altilly BTC: www.altilly.com/market/XAZAB_BTC
Altilly Doge: www.altilly.com/market/XAZAB_DOGE
Altilly PYRK: www.altilly.com/market/XAZAB_PYRK
Altilly USDT: www.altilly.com/market/XAZAB_USDT
KUANGEX: USDT: www.kuangex.com/trade/xazab_usdt

=>Masternode for Xazab: ihostmn.com/hostmn_dip.php?coin=XAZAB
=>Medium Article: xazab.medium.com

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