Adjustable pump notifications/alerts

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Tyler Lessard

It would be great if you could set pump notifications for your entire portfolio.also if they were adjustable, somewhat like the alerts. Then you could set it to notify you if any of the coins in your portfolio pumped 20% over the day as opposed to over 50% in an hr on random coins that I can’t short! ;) I have missed tons of opportunities to sell and buy back in on coins in my portfolio that have pumped 25% over the course of the day but I didn’t know because I didn’t check portfolio enough. A feature like this could solve that problem, and set your app apart from any other that I know of..


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Martha Petrosyan

Status changed to: Live


Martha Petrosyan

Hello, happy to inform that Pump Notifications and Alerts are already available!
Take a look and get in touch in case of questions. :)



I’m sorry I was busy and I need someone help me