Chat Appears To Be Broken

Nathan McBride

Hey everyone,

I do not think your website chat is working. It always says either "Back tomorrow" or "Back in N hours" and never says you're available. I messaged there 5 days ago which has yet to be seen. Since this isn't like you guys ( you always respond amazingly quick ) I can only assume there is an issue with the chat plugin.

Also, the phone number on the contact us page has been disconnected, it says.

My email for coinstats is: nomb85+coinstats@gmail.com.

I am going to copy my issue to this email in hope someone sees it. I do not want to make any changes to my account until we get it resolved. :)

I just let my account expire as instructed and used my points to get lifetime premium however my account seems to be in a bad state and thinks I just have a basic account.

It took the points away from me, but didn't give me credit for it.

technically I got the lifetime thing before my account fully deactivated and I was gettign the warning messages to update my card

When I used the points the "Get Lifetime Premium" went away initially but now that I'm back in basic, it is back.

Can you guys help me fix this please?

Then there were a few messages trying to make contact with someone. :)

I hope this gets to you guys and all is well.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Turns out they are no longer maintaining the support email so you can message them there either...


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Aram Muradyan

hey Nathan, can u please tell me your email/username


Aram Muradyan

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