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Wuan Ming

EMC1 is the native token of EMCIS network on binance smart Chain (Bep20) standard. It will be used as a key element in utilities such as Emcis Wallet, Emcis Stakes, Emcis Super decentralized tools.

Emcis Wallet provides a powerful, in-demand service that allows users to reduce efforts spent on managing crypto assets and renders it transparent and trustless. To make our platform even more convenient and beneficial for users, the Emcis Wallet team utilizes best UI security practices thus facilitating use of our platform’s functionality to the full range.

Emcis token is one of the fastest-growing and most beloved communities in cryptocurrency. We believe that community is essential, and Emcis token tries to involve people from all around the world. We have specialized telegram channels for our foreign community.

🐦 Twitter: twitter.com/EmcisLives
🌐 Website: emcis1.com/
📃 Contract: 0x00c12E848660135fe497B17d63453E3752b1Ff0C


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Martha Petrosyan

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Martha Petrosyan

Hi there! Happy to inform, that the EMC1 token is already listed in our main list. Here is it:


Cheers! 🚀