Group exchanges to create an overall portfolio view

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When viewing a portfolio, this is currently limited to seeing what is on an exchnage.
I would like to be able to group exchanges together to get a consolidated view of a portfolio across selected exchanges.
Example: I have 10 exchange interfaces running.
I want to create 4 high level portfolio's, and then assign each of the exchanges to one or more high level portfolio's. That way I can have a consolidated view per grouping of exchange accounts together. It is just a matter of consolidating information; but very handy for our analysis purposes.
Thanks for looking into this.


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Crypto Lystic

Great! I'm testing this. I can finally group portfolio's I manage for clients/friends this way.


Martha Petrosyan

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Martha Petrosyan

Hello, happy to inform that you can combine your exchange/wallets with two ways!
Mobile version:
1. Go to Portfolio tab.
2. Tap on 2 arrows on top left of the screen.
Web version:
1. Click on Portfolio tracker button -> Manage Portfolios.
2. Drag and drop table rows to rearrange and group your portfolios.
Try it and let us know in case of questions. :)


Enrique Gutierrez

I need this too please

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I have been requested the same also to support team. It would be a nice feature!