Group exchanges to create an overall portfolio view

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When viewing a portfolio, this is currently limited to seeing what is on an exchnage.
I would like to be able to group exchanges together to get a consolidated view of a portfolio across selected exchanges.
Example: I have 10 exchange interfaces running.
I want to create 4 high level portfolio's, and then assign each of the exchanges to one or more high level portfolio's. That way I can have a consolidated view per grouping of exchange accounts together. It is just a matter of consolidating information; but very handy for our analysis purposes.
Thanks for looking into this.


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Crypto Lystic

Great! I'm testing this. I can finally group portfolio's I manage for clients/friends this way.


Martha Petrosyan

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Martha Petrosyan

Hello, happy to inform that you can combine your exchange/wallets with two ways!
Mobile version:
1. Go to Portfolio tab.
2. Tap on 2 arrows on top left of the screen.
Web version:
1. Click on Portfolio tracker button -> Manage Portfolios.
2. Drag and drop table rows to rearrange and group your portfolios.
Try it and let us know in case of questions. :)


Marco Famà

Unfortunately, drag and drop doesn't work as expected. New parent portfolios are created, if you try to put some out they somehow manage to get back in without any sense. It's a pain, basically, and I do hate this. How am I supposed to delete the "Portfolio" which aggregates many blockchains, but keeping all the rest active (basically, like orphans)? thank you so much


Enrique Gutierrez

I need this too please

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I have been requested the same also to support team. It would be a nice feature!