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Ahmed Alharthi

Many Eth users use defi to farm and participate in the liquidity pools, and others like buying indexes such ass Powerindex or indexed. but the problem is many of us stake these liquidity pools or these index tokens to gain more governance tokens and sadly this is not shown in my portfolio which makes create excel sheet to track my portfolio and negate the point of using coinstats. Kindly add this as a feature asap as it's really important for most eth users!


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Aram Muradyan

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Earl Potters

I agree with @Ahmed, it would nice to peg an staked asset token to the base asset like sOHM OHM also.


Blayne Moseley

I'm experiencing a similar issue with Nexo--all my assets locked in 'Fixed Terms' do not show on my balances, although Accointing shows the balances correctly from the same CSV, so I know it's possible.

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