Track staking positions for defi

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Zak Holdsworth

It would be great if staking, liquidity pool, and vesting positions are automatically tracked so you don't need to use a manual wallet to track.

This would be useful for defi protocols such as SNX, RUNE, and CRV.

Look at a site like zapper.fi for more ideas on this.


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Arthur Jacquel

Anyone got this working ?


Richardson Dackam

Yes it’s currently not working like zapper.fi or zerion - I have LQTY staking and CyberFi staking that I can’t see.


Martha Petrosyan

Status changed to: Live


Martha Petrosyan

Hello, happy to inform that you can track liquidity pool already!
Try it and let us know in case of questions. :)


Matt P

This would be amazing, but it doesn't work for me. I have CAKE staked in a pool and various LP pairs staked on Pancake Swap for example (BSC) via my Metamask wallet. The CAKE tokens don't show up at all, the pairs do show up as "SYRUP" but there is no dollar amount, no indication of what the pair is or what the individual tokens are involved. Ideally it would also show things like "Impermanent Loss" like Yieldwatch does but for now I'd be happy if it just kept track of all of the individual token amounts.

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Teit Head

I’ve got pools on BNB-CAKE in Trust Wallet and I don’t see them. Do I need to add a certain type of wallet for them to show?